7 weirdest and ugliest animals in the world

Some animals on this list can be considered ugly to hurt. Others, due to some unusual characteristics, are even funny.

Others, like the axolotl salamander, are very cute, and you even want to have one at home.
These strange animals arouse our curiosity, either because of their rarity or because of unconventional physical traits.

1. Octopus-Dumbo – dumbo octopus

Scientific name: Cirroteuthis umbellata

Where it lives: deep waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

Because they live in abyssal depths (between 3 and 7 thousand meters below the sea surface), dumb-octopuses are little known. They are small: they are usually 20 centimeters. Its name comes from the similarity of its fins to the ears of the Disney character.

2. Soft snake – Soft snake

Image Credit: Matt Roper

Scientific name: Atretochoana eiselti

Where it lives: Madeira river basin, between the Brazilian state of Pará and Bolivia

This type of blind snake was discovered in 2011 during the construction of the Santo Antônio hydroelectric plant on the Madeira River. It is, according to scientists, the largest lungless amphibian ever known, reaching more than 80 cm. How does she breathe? Through the skin.

3. Saiga – Saiga

Scientific name: Saiga tatarica

Where you live: Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia

This species of very curious snout antelope, which once counted millions of individuals spread across the Eurasian region, today is at serious risk of extinction due to unrestrained hunting (its horn is valuable).

It is estimated that today only 50,000 copies remain.