8 Benefits of having a cat at home (according to Science)

Cats are the most mysterious animals that exist. We can often think that they want to be away from everything and everyone and that they just want to sleep. But, despite the distance they seem to place in relation to us, they are always attentive to everything that happens around them, especially when it comes to the emotional state of their owners. The company of these animals, loved by a large part of society, offers interesting benefits for our lives, such as tranquility and harmony.

1. Purring is a healing sound for cats that is good for our health

8 Benefícios de ter um gato em casa (segundo a Ciência)

The ‘prrrr’ is the characteristic sound of the purring of cats. This is a form of communication with its owners. This can happen when they are hungry when they are in pain when they feel uncomfortable when they are afraid when they receive affection when they show nervousness or even as a sign of friendship. The sound frequency of these sounds, according to scientists, has healing power because it works as a kind of therapy for themselves. That way, pussies relieve discomfort. The same can happen with the people who are beside them.