10 Animals That Will Go Extinct Before 2030

We live in a vast, complex world, where new species are being discovered all the time. Yet even as these exciting creatures are being discovered, the increasing human population, climate change, habitat destruction, hunting and the over-exploitation of wildlife mean countless numbers of animals that will go extinct within a child’s lifetime. Scientists have estimated that … Read more

Do you know what the hole in the lock is for?

There are some great little mysteries in the world that nobody really knows about. The padlock hole is one of them. Since we were little we took clips, sticks, and other small objects and inserted them there thinking that this would open the lock, right? The disappointment was immense… The problem is that nobody has … Read more

Los 10 autos más feos de la historia: ¡ni siquiera puedes creer que existieron!

No eran malos coches. De hecho, algunos fueron inclusos excelentes, pero su estética los hizo fracasar estrepitosamente. Sedanes y cupés, camionetas y convertibles, autos de lujo y económicos, coche citos y vehículos utilitarios, ninguna categoría automotriz se libra del desastre cosmético ocasional. Estos son los 10 peores criminales de todo los tiempos: 1) BMW Serie … Read more