Do you know what the hole in the lock is for?

There are some great little mysteries in the world that nobody really knows about. The padlock hole is one of them. Since we were little we took clips, sticks, and other small objects and inserted them there thinking that this would open the lock, right? The disappointment was immense…

The problem is that nobody has ever said what the devil is for. Neither at school, nor college nor the bar table, the function of this small hole is a real mystery worldwide. And, in reality, the padlock wouldn’t exist without that little hole!

The utility of this mystery is quite simple: the hole serves to lubricate the gears and mechanisms of the padlock, in addition to serving as a drain. All the water and dirt that gets into the padlock runs down there. Without the hole, the padlocks could simply lock

Have you ever thought of a world where the padlocks don’t open? It would be terrible, chaotic. Let’s thank the engineering geniuses who create such a simple solution to a problem that could ruin one of the most used artifacts worldwide.